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Helsinki FRESH bookHow’s the typical working day of a fashion designer in Helsinki? Where do Finnish designers get their inspiration? Answers are published in Helsinki FRESH: 25 Young Creatives book which presents you the top 25 designers working for the fashion industry in Finland.

Here are some sneak peeks from the book:

Katri Niskanen: ”I love what I do and especially the moments when I see women feeling beautiful and confident in my designs.

Emilia Tapprest: “There is this one tiny beach in Helsinki where I go every 1st of May to swim in the sea for the first time of the year. In Finland we call this “getting rid of once’s winter-fur”. Usually there is still ice here and there and just before the darkness everything is blue-shaded, silent and beautiful, despite the austere scenery.

Naoto Niidome:  ”When I was little bit younger I easily worked 16 hours a day, now much less.

Ilja Karsikas: “Our studio is as cool as the Kallio district, often a bit dirty but really unique; not too trendy, but cosy, friendly and warm  – except in winter time when the heating system is not working properly.

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Title: Helsinki FRESH

ISBN 978-952-93-0165-2 (sid.)
ISBN 978-952-93-0166-9 (PDF)
ISBN 978-952-93-0167-6 (EPUB)
Softcover with a map of Helsinki
Size: 17 x 23 cm
Pages: 144
Expected release date: 3.5.2012
Editors: Liisa Maria Tervinen, Reetta Turtiainen
Photos: Heidi Uutela
Graphic design: Meri Mort, Fredrik Bäck
Keywords: design, Helsinki, fashion

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